More than a supplier, a technology partner

The wide and in-depth experience of our staff allows us to support customers in the embryonic development of projects. Our support involves the contemporary optimisation of:

  • geometry,
  • materials,
  • production technologies,
  • processing technologies,
  • surface treatments,
  • thermal treatments.

With regard to production technologies, our staff can assist customers in technical and economic comparisons regarding alternatives such as bars, forged components, pressed components, sintered components and MIM.

With regard to processing technologies the group invests 10% of its turnover each year on the renewal of its fleet of machines and on increasing production capacity to provide state-of-the-art production expertise.

In addition to relationships with primary partners, the group has implemented (internal) Sintering processes and the Metal Injection Moulding processes (external partner) as alternative manufacturing processes to those most commonly found on the market, in order to propose successful solutions in terms of providing a mix of quality, functionality and product cost-effectiveness.

Business Case

Esempio di Co-Design per Settore Automotive

Original component

Cycle: forging, machining, thermal treatment

Redesigned component

Cycle: sintering and machining

Cost reduction: -60% Saving per customer: Euro 0.8 million every year

Example of Co-Design for the Automotive Sector

Sintering tensile strength D39 not sufficient

TFM solution with special material and process

Example of Co-Design for the Automotive Sector

Original component

Redesigned component version 1

Redesigned component version 2

Cost reduction: -40% Saving per customer in total: Euro 6 million every year