The company has a specific market and product focus, thanks to a constant and targeted positioning. Over the years we have gone from very generalist productions to the development in specific, clearly identified sectors, where we were able to better express our strong in-house expertise.


The Group focuses on two specific sectors:

  • Automotive: Petrol, Diesel, Methane – LPG (65%)
  • Industrial (35%)


The group has developed in-depth knowledge in the development of specific products and this experience is made available to customers in order to obtain the best compromise between quality, performance and cost.

  • Automotive:
    • Fuel injection systems
      • Injectors
      • Rails
      • Pumps
      • Pressure regulators
    • Exhaust systems
      • Pumps
    • Circuits
      • Oil pumps
      • Vacuum pumps
    • Industrial:
      • Automation
      • Bicycles
      • Water pumps
      • Transmission
      • Defence