Our Vision

  • To be one of the Top 8 independent companies worldwide in the field of High Precision Components. 
  • To be a long-term reliable partner for mechanical high-precision components in the industrial and automotive sectors
  • Allowing present and future generations to “move forward”, combining safety, performance and innovation while respecting the environment

Our Mission

  • Developing and implementing customized solutions of high quality and technological content, anticipating the needs for innovation and excellence of our customers
  • Investing each year up to 10% of the turnover in Human and Technology Capital
  • Combining different technologies to cultivate a distinctive know-how.
  • Supporting profitable growth through superior engineering, quality, customer service and our people.

Our Values


The focus on customer satisfaction is the heart of what we do: It’s not just satisfaction with the end result, but also ensuring quality, compliance with deadlines and the experience of working with us as a whole

The means by which we achieve goals are just as important as the goals themselves. And this is why we build and cultivate collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and on the credibility we have built in over 50 years of success.

The value built by TFM GROUP and the success of each of us depends on the success of the Team

We love what we do, and we do it the best way possible, at all levels, and across all aspects of our work: mindset, behaviour, processes and continuous improvement.

We strive to take care of the ecosystem we are part of, along the whole value chain, and across every possible aspect: people, place, company, and environment.

Looking to the future is what realy fuels TFM’S evolution and development: the fearlessness with which our people respond to the changing needs of our Customers – every change is for us an opportunity to learn and improve.