Quality & Sustainability


The activities of TFM Group are led by essential values like the customer attention and satisfactionpursued by using the best methodologies to reach high standard of quality and the continuous improvement in terms of efficiency and efficacy.

Starting from the purchase of the raw material till the delivery of the final product, each phase of the process is carefully controlled, following the “Zero Defects” approach. By the way, our measuring rooms are equipped with a technologically advanced machine park and are located in the heart of the production departments, to guarantee a direct contact with each individual production division.



To guarantee our customers the complete respect of these values and the specific requirements, TFM Group works with a quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications. This last one specific for the automotive sector.

The responsibility towards the environment is considered equal to the other management aspects of the company and of the customers’ needs.

The growing importance of the environmental consequences of the worldwide industrial companies has meant that the management and the control of the environmental impacts of the TFM Group’s activities were defined as one of the strategic objectives by the Management. This is made with the aim of a continuous, coherent, effective, and sustainable improvement.

Obtaining the ISO 14001:2015 certification shows the Group’s concrete commitment to minimize and manage the environmental impact of its processes and witnesses the reliability of the applied environmental management system.